Cleaning Services.

Pole Cleaning

The common standard of window cleaning these days is ‘Pole Cleaning’. This is for a number of reasons.

  • Safety – With Pole Cleaning, no ladders are required allowing professional cleaning of windows in a safer environment.
  • Effectiveness – Using Neutral Ph Water cleans windows more effectively and leaves a smear and streak free finish
  • Time – As the window cleaner is not required to run up and down ladders and move them around, it saves time and money for both parties

Traditional Cleaning

We also offer ‘Traditional’ Window Cleaning for those clients that still prefer this method, however the height at which we are able to clean may be restricted on Safety Issues.

All Glass over time exposed to the ‘elements’ of British Weather are subject to Grease, Grime, Dust and ‘etching’ leading to a loss of ‘shine’. Regular Cleaning prevents or drastically reduces the effects of the damage to the Glass Surface.

Gutter Cleaning

Using the latest equipment for Gutter Cleaning means that using specialist Vacuum Systems, we are able to clean gutters from the ground using Video TV fitted to the end of the cleaning unit to ensure your gutters are free from Leaf, Mould and other Debris, enabling water to flow freely to the rainwater pipes without your gutters overflowing that can cause staining to Bargeboards, Soffits and Fascia and often walls.

Keeping your gutter clean and free will save money over a period of time as still water doesn’t freeze that often leads to cracked plastic gutters and joints.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Just like windows, Solar Panels are effected by the elements of the weather and the glass surface of the panels attract Dirt, Dust Grease and Grime, reducing the effectiveness of the Solar Panels. To maintain Peak Performance, Solar Panels require regular cleaning maintenance to ensure that even in Low Light Conditions experienced in the UK, your Solar Panels will be able to make best use of the light they receive. – talk to us today about a regular cleaning schedule.

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